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About Us


We are an entity with legal personality, property and financial autonomy, created by the government under decree 1/97, to be exclusive agent for importing liquid and gaseous fuels in Mozambique. It is owned by all Distributors authorized to operate in Mozambique.

Skills and Duties:

Imopetro and under the supervision of the CACL (Liquid Fuels Acquisition Commission) are responsible for the following activities:

  • Elaborating the acquisition plans and their proposals and review;


  • Mobilize the funds needed to comply with procurement programs;


  • Prepare the tender documents, launch the tenders, evaluate the proposals, propose the selection of suppliers, negotiate and sign contracts for the financial intermediation of the acquisitions;


  • Negotiate the terms of use of funds in foreign currency for payment of imports, letters of credit, bank guarantees and other banking transactions required for imports;


  • Negotiate and contract the services of agents, transport operators and handling of petroleum products, insurers, inspectors and dispatchers and any other entities whose intervention is necessary;


  • Confirm the shipments and ensure all actions and monitoring, from the point of origin to the entry of the products in storage, making the notifications, warnings and complaints that are imposed in each case;


  • Carry out coordination between distributors and:

1. Financial institutions for the purposes of payments due on imports;
2. The Customs for all the procedures related to the dispatch of the products and the payments of the customs duties due;


  • Any other entities involved in the acquisition processes to coordinate their respective actions and payments.


In addition to these competences, Imopetro also offers the clearing service that transits through the fuel storage terminals in Mozambique, through its Maputo, Beira, Nacala and Pemba branches.


Societal structure

All distributors authorized to operate in Mozambique are members of Imopetro. In the corporate structure of Imopetro the partners participate with equal percentage, that is all partners are egalitarian.